Technical Info

Clean linear amp? Harmonic suppression

Dual band antenna?  Diplexer   2m / 6m (Updated 5/2/00)

12V to 24V 0.5A DC-DC inverter by DC9XG with additions by GM4ISM

Need to combine several Power Amplifiers ? various hybrid couplers including the Bagley Polygon

TVI Filter.. Help to remove your transmissions from your television set.

   VSWR to Return loss conversion table

   Hybrid combiner balance calculator Excel spreadsheet

Identify Semiconductors Logos ....Surface mount devices (external links)

  Noisefigure measurements, useful Excel spreadsheet , calc ENR with known nf and Y factor and calculate nf from known ENR and y factor

Software:- Iris coupled waveguide filters    (DOS executable, runs ok under XP or DOSBox)

Evanscent mode filters (external link to :-

Slotted waveguide antenna calculator (Excel Spreadsheet, W1GHZ derived) en Francais (F1CHF) and English on seperate tabs. Standard WG size selection and single face design.

Offset parabolic antenna feed calculator   for determining the feed point of an offset dish (Excel) en Francais, with english translation

The Omni Flyswatter technical notes. An interesting low gain omnidirctional antenna, possibly of some use for beacons on the mm bands.

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